The EDI CON Exhibition: Where high frequency meets high speed.

Be a part of EDI CON USA 2018, the only industry event for RF & microwave engineers in the continental US in 2018, and the biggest high-speed design conference on the West Coast.

EDI CON is the place to talk about the entire system design, from simulation of components and systems, to materials/PCB boards, devices and foundry services, components, cables and connectors, testing, measurement, and verification. It’s talking about today’s RF and microwave challenges. It’s dealing with the latest signal integrity, power integrity, and EMC/EMI questions. EDI CON is the interaction between analog and digital, what’s similar, what’s different, and how we can learn from each other. It’s a chance to network with industry experts. It’s your chance to influence tomorrow’s engineers and designs, either by learning something or sharing what you know.

The experience of an EDI CON exhibition is not something you can get from a web search or a few emails with a sales person. The EDI CON exhibition brings together leading RF, microwave, high-speed digital, semiconductor, test and measurement equipment, materials and packaging, EDA/CAD, and system solution providers in a single exhibition, with product demos and speed-training opportunities that are second to none.

The power of the exhibition hall is bolstered by a complementary, peer-reviewed, industry-focused conference. EDI CON invites industrial and technology leaders to deliver technical sessions, workshops and participate in panels. This makes the exhibition an extension of the technical conference where attendees can learn first-hand about products and services that offer practical solutions to their problems.

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