Plenary Sessions

The EDI CON USA Plenary Sessions will take place on Wednesday, October 17 and Thursday, October 18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Both sessions will begin at 11:30am to 12:00pm in Ballroom G. Introductory remarks will be given by Ivar Bazzy, President of Horizon House Publications.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018:

Plenary Keynote Speaker
Ovi Jacob, Director of Business Development at Vayyar Imaging

Ovi Jacob

“Looking Deeper: Using Radar to Save Lives and Improve the World”

This keynote will provide an in depth look at how radar is being used to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Newly developed systems, utilizing groundbreaking methodologies, have spawned radar imaging and sensing applications in areas that save lives and improve our collective experience. After years of well-presented academic research indicating the potential of many of these approaches, parallel commercial applications are making a definitive market impact for the first time. From imaging cancer cells inside of a breast to determining the exact amount of water needed at the root of a tree, low-cost radar systems are integrated in mainstream solutions.

In addition to these planet-altering applications, many of the same techniques are effecting daily life, in the smart home, in automobiles and even in retail stores. Specifically, we’ll look at three practical examples of radar in everyday settings: fall detection in a homecare context, monitoring a baby’s breathing rate inside of an automobile, and shopper insights gleaned by a consumer-packaged-goods company in the context of a marketing campaign.

This talk will also look at systems and applications under development that may have a market impact in the coming years. To that end, we’ll see how researchers and academics are working hand in hand with companies to develop impactful solutions. Additionally, we’ll discuss the recent trend toward corporations making low cost development kits available to engineers, often with a platform upon which users may develop their own custom products.

The keynote will conclude with guidance as to the next wave of radar applications that will effect industries and markets in the coming years.

Ovi Jacob is the Director of Business Development at Vayyar Imaging, an Israel based company that creates radar-on-chip systems for imaging, monitoring and sensing applications. Ovi manages Vayyar's activities with researchers and corporations looking to integrate the technology into retail, smart home, healthcare, robotics and security solutions. Previously Ovi was the General Manager of Late Nite Labs, the market leader in academic lab simulations, and led a successful acquisition by Macmillan Learning. Ovi received his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.


Thursday, October 18, 2018:

Plenary Keynote Speaker
Ransom Stephens, Author, Technologist, and Physicist

Ransom Stephens

“Innovation, Incorporation, and Integrity”

Corporations don’t exist to make money. They exist to provide the foundation for you to pursue greatness … at their best. At their worst, corporations stifle innovation and confuse their employees’ concepts of responsibility but still make money. In this keynote, Ransom presents a perspective-altering view of the your role in the company you work for: why you should stay, when you should walk, and how you can run. The first step is understanding that you affect the company you work for just as you affect the company you keep.

Ransom Stephens, Ph.D. helps engineers advance to the highest data rates by teaching the concepts engineers need to design better systems, better serdes, and better ways to find problems and come up with solutions. Ransom started in basic research at labs in the US and Europe specializing in digging weak signals out of strong backgrounds. He brought those skills to high speed electronics in 1999 and invented new techniques for signal and noise analysis. Since 2005, when he started Ransom’s Notes, his seminars have helped thousands of EEs understand key nuances of their work. Ransom was named the 2017 Jim Williams ACE Contributor of the Year for content that advances engineering and design.He is also an accomplished book author: the novels The God Patent and The Sensory Deception both published by 47North, Amazon Publishing’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror imprint have each appeared on a variety of bestseller lists. His first full-length work of nonfiction popular science, The Left Brain Speaks the Right Brain Laughs, was published by Viva Editions in 2016. Ransom holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California.